Study on straw incineration monitoring based on the combination of remote sensing image

Instrumentation  2014年03期
机 构
基 金

Straw incineration monitor is a key part of international environmental governance. In the paper,the combination of M ODIS,M UX and TLC remote sensors is used to monitor straw burning fire points accurately. M ODIS remote sensor has the characteristics of high temporal resolution and thermal infrared band,w hich can be used to judge the regional thermal abnormal variation and preliminary extract the suspicious thermal abnormal points. Combining w ith GIS information,the preliminary position of M ODIS thermal abnormal points can be acquired. The M UX and TLC sensors of ZY-3 satellite in the preliminary position area can be pretreated,w hich includes radiometric calibration,atmospheric correction,geometric precision correction,ortho-rectification,etc. Through analyzing the physical properties and spectral information in the straw incineration area,the interpretation features of the straw incineration area w ill be determined. Then the high geographical resolution fusion image w ith tw o meters resolution can be interpreted,and the information of fire-point in high geographical resolution remote sensor can be extracted. Combining w ith the Google earth map to compare interpretation images in different time range of this area,and using Arc GIS platform to accurately position the confirmed fire point,the final position of the fire can be determined. Correspondingly,the combination of remote sensing sensors w ith high,medium and low resolution can be used to monitor the straw incineration point in county area. In experimental area,there are tw enty-three straw burning fire points are found. The experimental results show that,this method can realize precise monitoring of straw incineration point in county area. How ever,straw incineration point monitoring in real time still need to be further investigated.