Research on magnetic levitation absolute vibration measurement method in vehicles

Instrumentation  2014年02期
机 构
基 金

This paper presents a design for a magnetic levitation absolute- vibration test system which can be used by vehicles to measure the road surface roughness. The relationship between the vibration test system output voltage and measured speed of the object w as obtained through testing,the pow er spectrum of the measured signal w as obtained by virtual instrument analysis,the vibration w aveforms of the vehicle over gentle and steep slopes w ere measured respectively and the road surface roughness w as obtained by w aveform analysis. Data w as saved w here the w aveforms exceeded threshold. Finally,the steep slope w as located using a GPS system. Experimental results show that the magnetic levitation absolute- vibration measurement method has characteristics of high sensitivity and a w ide frequency range. This lays the foundation for research into multi- dimensional vibration measurements through magnetic levitation vibration test systems in vehicles.