Scientific big data and Digital Earth

Chinese Science Bulletin  2014年35期
机 构
基 金

Big data has been a focus of research in science,technology,economics,and social studies.Many countries have already incorporated big data research into their national strategies.This paper elaborates upon the origin,connotation,and development of big data from both a spatial and temporal perspective.It proposes that scientific big data will become a new solution in scientific research as the paradigm changes from being model-driven to data-driven.This paper defines the concept of ‘‘scientific big data’’ and proposes strategies for solving ‘‘big data problems’ ’.Theoretical frameworks and data systems for Digital Earth are discussed with a clear conclusion that scientific big data is a prominent feature of Digital Earth.As an example,spatial cognition of the formation mechanism of China’s Heihe-Tengchong Line—a geo-demographic demarcation line dividing China into two parts—is discussed within the context of big data computation and analysis for Digital Earth.