World-class Xincheng gold deposit:An example from the giant Jiaodong gold province

Geoscience Frontiers  2016年03期
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The Jiaodong gold deposits are currently the most important gold resources(with Au reserves of>4000 t) in China,and the leading gold-producing country globally(with Au production of 428 t in2013).Jiaodong is also considered as perhaps the only world-class to giant gold accumulation on the planet where relatively young gold ores(ca.130-120 Ma) were deposited in rocks that are 2 Ga older.The Xincheng world-class high-grade gold deposit,with a proven reserve of >200 t gold,is one of the largest deposits in the giant gold province of the Jiaodong Peninsula.It is located in the northwestern part of the jiaobei Uplift,and hosted by ca.132-123 Ma Xincheng quartz monzonites and monzogranites.Ore zones are structurally controlled by the NE-trending and NW-dipping Jiaojia Fault and subsidiary faults,and are mainly restricted to the footwall of the fault.The dominant disseminated- and stockworkstyle ores are associated with strong sericitization,silicification,sulfidation and K-feldspathization,and minor carbonate wallrock alteration halos.The four mineralization stages are pyrite-quartz-sericite(stage 1),quartz-pyrite(stage 2),quartz-polysulfide(stage 3) and quartz-carbonate(stage 4).Gold occurs dominantly as electrum,with lesser amounts of sulfide-hosted native gold and rare native silver and argentite,normally associated with pyrite,chalcopyrite,galena and sphalerite:the latter with proven resources of about 105 t Ag,713 t Cu,and 5100 t S.There are three types of ore-related fluid inclusions:type 1 aqueous-carbonate(H2O-CO2),type 2aqueous(liquid H2O+vapor H2O),and type 3 CO2(liquid CO2 and vapor CO2) inclusions.Homogenization temperatures range from 221 to 304℃ for type 1 inclusions,with salinities of 2.4-13.3 wt.%NaCl eq.,and bulk densities of 0.858-1.022 g/cm3.The δ34SCDT values of hydrothermal sulfides are 4.3-10.6‰and δ18O values of hydrothermal quartz have a median value of 13.0‰.δD values of fluid inclusions in hydrothermal quartz have a median value of-75‰.Calculated δ18Owater has a median value of 5.2‰.The timing of gold mineralization at the Xincheng gold deposit is younger than 123±1 Ma,and likely between 120.9 and 119.9 Ma.A minerals system genetic model for the probable epizonal orogenic Xincheng deposit suggests an initial medium temperature,CO2-rich,and low salinity H2O-CO2 deeply sourced metamorphic ore fluid associated with dehydration and decarbonization of subducting Paleo-Pacific lithosphere.The Jiaojia Fault constrained the migration of ore-forming fluids and metals at the brittle-ductile transition.Fluid immiscibility,caused by episodic pressure drops,led to significant high-grade gold deposition in the giant Xincheng gold deposit.